About T’n’T Teas

T’n’T Teas® was founded by Tina and Thom Poole who both share a passion for herbal remedies, especially when blended in teas, syrups and tinctures.

Selecting herbs from outstanding suppliers who can guarantee the quality of their ingredients, we are proud to supply you with very tasty, refreshing and nutritious infusions.

Tina is a qualified herbalist and natural therapist and combines Thom’s horticultural background to create a company that really understands the ingredients that are in each blend. We focus on the best of each ingredient that compliments the purposes they are created for. We work with the blender so that you get the best quality and taste for your infusions.

Based in rural Shropshire, we have suppliers worldwide to bring you the best infusions.

Please note: All our products are from sustainable and organic suppliers wherever possible. Occasionally if supplies are not available we substitute them with non-organic, which is why we don’t guarantee they are organic. These suppliers are often too small to buy the certification but use ‘organic methods’. Usually, they are, but we want to be honest with you at all times.