Our Commitment, Our Promise…

We commit to sourcing the purest ingredients from certified growers around the world. Because we are passionate about the ingredients and the people who grow/harvest them, many of our products do not carry the ‘Organic’ label. They are probably more organic than many that do, but the suppliers do not waste their money on certification – and we support them in this. We test the herbs and can certify that they are free from foreign contaminants, flavours and colours*. They are also GMO-free.

Many people nowadays have allergies to something – we acknowledge this, and have a comprehensive list of side effects that each ingredient COULD cause in a very small number of people. Herbs, including the commonly consumed Black and Green teas, have powerful medicinal properties, so please read the labels and if in any doubt, always speak to your medical practitioner or pharmacist.

Please keep your tea in a cool, dark place so that it remains fresh for as long as possible. The ‘Best Before date is exactly that – the tea is best before that deadline. It is still safe to drink after this (unless it got wet or contaminated), but the benefits will reduce, so you will have to use a little more to recover the flavour and/or colour.

* We now have a new range with additional flavours, albeit natural, and in some cases organic flavours.