Bunch of Flowers™ tea 50g


A cup of this tea leads you into a large flower garden, where the aroma and taste of plants such as Elderflower, Orange blossom, Acacia and Marigold combine to improve our mood, soothe and help create physical and mental harmony. The tea blend is based on a bed of White Tea and has a special flowery scent.


Everyone needs little daily pleasures. If you want to dream for a moment and escape to distant exotic landscapes and reach out for your refreshing floral tea. Maybe it will be the elegant Elderflower. Lavender and Marigold hug in this infusion that will drive away the stress into distant mountains.

Imagine having a bunch of flowers in a cup with an Elderflower aroma and sweet floral taste. The Bunch of Flowers™ tea gives you just that. Floral ingredients skillfully blended with an exquisite White Tea give a refreshing but homely experience.

The majestic White Tea gives the drinker a small caffeine boost whilst the Elderflower and Lavender drive the taste sensation. The other flowers add to the experience in a very subtle way but increase the health benefits considerably.

Additional information

Weight 50 g


Controls obesity, assists weight loss, and control constipation (for our specialised teas for constipation click here (constitution tea, senna tea with acacia, elderflower).

Rich in antioxidants, with great anti-Inflammatory. properties. For the specialised weight loss tea, click here (slimming tea).


Colour: Golden
Aroma: Elderflower
Initial Taste: Flowery
Midtones: Sweet flowery
Aftertaste: Elderflower
Body: Medium-Full
Caffeine Content: Light


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