Candyfloss Grape honey™


This delicate acacia raw honey has been infused with herbs and flavours to give it a surprising sweet-smelling candyfloss aroma.

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This Sweet Borage Honey, inspired by childhood joy and wonder, is a perfect way to acquaint children with the pleasures of pure honey. It offers a delightful alternative to overly processed sweeteners, opening up a world of natural sweetness.

The gentle, candyfloss aroma adds an element of fun to every meal, making honey an exciting and enjoyable part of a child’s daily diet.

The sweet Borage Honey is a treat specially crafted to introduce the pure delights of honey to children and grown-up “big kids” alike. Bursting with the whimsical aroma of candyfloss, this honey is a delightful way to encourage the young and young-at-heart to embrace the wonders of nature’s sweet nectar.

Additional information

Weight 410 g

Tasting Notes

A sweet strawberry taste, subtle in flavour but packed with fruitiness.


Uplifting maceration and helps kids eat more raw honey.


Borage honey | Raisins | Natural flavours

Certified Origins

UK flag denoting that one or more ingredients was ethically sourced from the UK.Hungary flagIndian flag denoting that one or more ingredients are ethically sourced from India.


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