Relaxing Moments™ 50g


Imagine a tea blend that helps you relax and unwind, but can also help boost your immune system and taste divine! Look no further than Relaxing Moments™ – a special caffeine-free infusion that you can drink whenever you feel like it.


The T’n’T Teas® Relaxing Moments™ is a special tea blend that not only is the perfect solution when you need your own time but also has great healing properties. Packed with flavours, this caffeine-free blend will revive you throughout the afternoon and evening. 

Stress is one of the biggest enemies to our health, as it reduces the resistance of our immunity and thus makes us much more vulnerable to numerous diseases. The ability to relax helps combat stress and allows the body to recover. We have carefully selected the ideal ingredients for your Relaxing Moments that also support you as an immune system booster and help ease your breathing. 

The sweet camomile with the sweet/sour rosehips combine well to create a reviving base for the relaxing citrussy flavour of lemon balm and linden, with the support of the sedative properties of the hops. The hibiscus provides a calming vitamin boost with a sharper flavour.

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Weight 50 g


The calming camomile combines beautifully with the relaxing citrus flavours of the lemon balm and linden flowers and sedative properties of the hop flowers. These floral ingredients also help boost the immune system and ease breathing, and with the rosehips and hibiscus provide a needed vitamin and mineral boost to protect the body from illness.

All these ingredients are caffeine-free and mild enough to be consumed regularly to help you unwind at the end of the day.

For a detailed description, please look at the individual ingredients.


Initial Taste:

Recommended with Honey, Stevia and/or lemon


Camomile | Rosehip | Linden | Hops | Lemon Balm | Hibiscus


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