Singer’s Honey™

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The specialist pure honey infusion with a zingy, refreshing taste of lemon and ginger – with traditional ingredients that everyone uses.

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Pure honey infusion using ApiBotanicals™ zingy, refreshing taste of lemon and ginger – ideal for singers and using the age-old ingredients everyone knows and trusts.

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A zingy, lemon and ginger honey infusion that contains traditional ingredients that everyone uses.


The combination of honey, lemon and ginger are tried and tested home treatments that we have packed in one jar. We are, however, legally unable to mention what medical remedies this applies to or how you can use it. Please contact us for a consultation.


Canola honey infused with: Ginger | Lemon | Citric acid | Natural flavours

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1 review for Singer’s Honey™

  1. Joshua Nelson

    Lovely flavour. I love the way you call this Lemon and Ginger honey is called Singer’s honey as it is good for the voice and throat.

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